Boys will be boys

First official daddy/son outing:

Jared took Grey to the motocross with some other dads and boys. So cute! He packed his little backpack with snacks, mini motorcycles and cars and headed out for the night. Apparently he had a blast and is still talking about the fast motorcycles. Oh and that he liked their helmets. I wish I could have seen all the little boys watching together. I bet it was oh so adorable.
Here's to many more daddy/son outings that leave me to a quiet, peaceful house.


Jennifer said...

At least for the next few months...right?

Nataluscious said...

It's hard to say what the best part is - quality time with dad, or quality time alone. Ha. I love daddy/kid outings! :)

BTW, a big congrats on the girl. I am super excited for you guys. One of each - so fun.