Here we go MITT....

Let the countdown begin... Colorado's caucus is coming up this Tuesday, February 5th at 7pm. I encourage EVERYONE to get out and vote (preferably for Romney). He will make an amazing leader of our country. Please talk to everyone you know and make sure they get out and vote. I'm making calls to strangers, so you can talk to your friends. :)

I went to a rally for him today and it was very exciting even though I couldn't hear or see him because of the crowds. I did get to see part of the press conference afterwards. It was hard to hear though over all the hecklers.

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Jayme said...

Wasn't that fun?!? I wish I would have seen you. We got there about 12:30 and just planted ourselves up front. He was great. Did you see Mitt shaking Halle's hand on the cover of the Rocky Mountain News today? So crazy!! I am glad that you are as excited about this as I am!! We are doing the call at home too.