Welcome Don Carlos!

Jared thought it would be funny to announce our new son as Don Carlos! Greyden Alan was much more fitting though. I was getting tired of being pregnant, so I made a very spicy dinner on Sunday night (Oct. 22nd) I started having contractions throughout that night. They were interfering with what I didn't realize was my LAST full night of sleep ever. Monday morning brought frequent contractions throughout the day. I was running up and down stairs, doing squats, speed walking... doing anything and everything to get the labor going. I didn't want to be stuck in labor forever. Jared & I went for a walk and again ate a spicy dinner. Good idea to eat spicy foods BEFORE labor... not during labor as I learned later in the evening.

Here is a photo of me DURING a contraction at home. Jared thought it would be fun to take. I can't believe I'm smiling.
After about 12 hours of intense, active labor Greyden arrived at 5:58 AM. He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz. and was 20 inches long. He had a cute little grey patch of hair on the back of his head and black furry ears.

One of my maternity pics...

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